We know what it is like to want to customize your ride, that’s just part of owning a motorcycle. But sometimes scraping enough cash together to make the customizations you want are just too pricey.

How would you like to have the purchasing power of those bigger shops, but the distributors and vendors buy-in is way out of the range your wallet?

Do you build that occasional custom for a friend or relative? Or are you a Garage Builder and because you don’t have a store front, the distributors and manufacturers won’t give you the time of day, requiring you to go through one of their “dealers”?

Welcome to the “Buy Like A Dealer” Program. We don’t think you should have to give an arm and a leg just to build that dream bike or to keep your self-employed business running and able to make a buck.

Here’s how Buy Like A Dealer works:

  • Weekend Fixit – $250.00 yearly membership fee gets you 7% off all your purchases.
  • Garage Mech – $500.00 yearly membership fee gets you 15% off all your purchases.
  • Shop Pro – $1000.00 yearly membership fee gets your purchase at Cost plus 10%.

Use your membership to get great prices on parts from Mid-USA, Custom Chrome, V-Twin Manufacturing, Biker’s Choice and many others.